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Family-Based Immigration

Over the years our firm has consulted with thousands of families from all over the world and has been extremely successful at family reunification and legalization. The Law Offices of Gerald. M. Gonzales has the knowledge and expertise to assist qualified clients obtain work permits, travel permits, residency and citizenship status. Consultations with an attorney are always free and are conducted with the purpose of providing you the client with detailed answers particular to your personal set of circumstances. You will be educated on the legal services necessary to legalize your family member’s situation in the most cost effective, expeditious manner possible. If you are interested in legalizing a fiancee, spouse, parent, child brother or sister, The Law Offices of Gerald M. Gonzales, P.C can help! Your future with your family is our first priority.


The Deportation/removal process is one of the most uncomfortable, confusing, stressful processes known to our clients, which is why we handle our deportation/removal cases with the compassion, care, and ardent advocacy they need and deserve. Each deportation/removal case is reviewed and studied to determine what form of relief, if any, should be or can be pursued to give you or a loved one the best chance possible at a future here in the United States. Our firm has experience changing the venue of a case, seeking a bond or bond reduction, as well as appealing adverse decisions.

Employment-Based Immigration

The Law Offices of Gerald M. Gonzales, P.C. prides itself on providing business clients with services tailored to help employers meet their employment needs. From manual laborers to professionals, athletes to entertainers, entrepreneurs to investors, our firm has been successful at obtaining an array of employment based visas for its diverse client base. Whatever the need, our office is able and ready to put its knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Criminal Law

The Law Offices of Gerald M. Gonzales P.C. has defended individuals with pending criminal cases in courts across the entire State of Texas. Our criminal defense team is aggressive and has the experience needed to guide you through the complex criminal court system. Because we are well aware of the stress and confusion experienced by one facing criminal charges, we take our time with our client’s and explain the process and options available to them in a way they can understand. Whether you have been charged with a State or Federal felony or misdemeanor our legal team is ready, willing, and able to defend you and your rights. We believe that all of our clients are “Presumed innocent until proven Guilty!”

Family Law

Since 2003 The Law Offices of Gerald M. Gonzales P.C. has been successful at helping individuals resolve their family law issues. Divorces, child support, child custody, child visitation, and adoptions are only a few of the items with which we can help! Knowing ones rights and knowing what to expect of the civil court system are crucial.

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